Childcare and
academic support

You entrust us with what you have most precious, we devote all our attention and our know-how to find the tailor-made solution adapted to your needs, your desires, and those of your children!


Far from the large networks in the city, Biotyful BB is a local agency that is particularly keen to adapt to the needs of each family with quality service!

Who are we?

Biotyful BB is a small company created in 2021 Its founder Célia EYMERY, mother of two boys, has a wealth of experience with children.
Indeed, after studies leading her to pass the CRPE, she was a school teacher from 2005 to 2020. She also holds the BAFA and has therefore worked in the world of animation His varied experience with children in elementary school (including a year spent with children with disabilities) and in nursery school, within multidisciplinary teams, allowed him to adapt, communicate and transmit in kindness. and for the well-being of children.
Today, eager to use her skills for the benefit of children and parents, she created Biotyful BB
Thanks to her progress, she brings to her workers her knowledge in matters of child education, safety, benevolence and support.
She relies on listening and proximity in order to be as close as possible to the various stakeholders: parents and caregivers

Soutien scolaire

Garde d'enfants

Célia & the team

Today, wanting to use her skills for the benefit of children and parents, she created Biotyful BB.
Thanks to her journey, she brings her knowledge of child pedagogy, safety, kindness and support to her stakeholders.
It focuses on listening and proximity in order to be as close as possible to the different stakeholders: parents and caregivers.

Célia Eymery


"Biotyful BB is a precious help for parents wishing to make their daily lives more peaceful. If I am embarking on this great and beautiful adventure today, it is because I am convinced that home care and educational support are interesting alternatives for parents overwhelmed by their daily lives. I want to put all my knowledge and skills at the service of children and their parents so that family harmony is established.


since Mai 2023

Since May 2023, Nancy has taken over from Géraldine. This former medical secretary at the PMA center of the Urbain V maternity ward, brings us all her gentleness, kindness, benevolence and administrative know-how. She welcomes you to inform you, guide you or help you in your various procedures. She also actively participates in family/worker meetings and ensures proper organizational functioning.

Young retirees, students, or even young professionals, our speakers have diverse and varied profiles to meet your expectations and wishes! Carefully recruited, dynamic and caring, they will be happy to share good times with your children and accompany you to ease your daily life!

How BiotyfulBB works ?

Your Biotyful BB agency (approved by the state) offers you tailor-made services and operates under the conditions of the home service provider mode dedicated to children!

As a service provider, we employ your worker and thus free you from any administrative task! (employment contract, payslip, insurance, etc.)

We also ensure as much as possible the replacement of your speaker in case of absence when we are aware of it 48 hours before! This period is

extended to 7 days if the absence of your worker turns out to be final. To set up the service adapted to your needs, together we determine the time slots, the expected skills and the desired speaker profile in order to recruit the right person for you! ! We will then introduce you to the selected practitioner so that you can meet him directly at your home and decide on the final validation

The “civil liability” and “auto-mission” insurance taken out by our agency cover any material and bodily injury caused.

Monitoring BiotyfulBB

In order to take into account all the particularities of your children as well as your recommendations (meal times, rituals, etc.) we will ask you to fill out a form, a transmission and communication tool.

You can complete it and feed it whenever you want It will be accessible by us at any time and will allow you to best guide your speaker!

A digital liaison book will be made available to you and to that of your worker so that you can communicate on a daily basis!

A mobile phone number will be given to you in case of emergencyoutside of agency opening hours.

Lovin'it !

Biotyful BB offers English workshops!

Because English is at the heart of our society, Biotyful BB offers English workshops from a very young age.

They trusted us