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The cost of childcare generally includes:

  • A fixed and annual contribution (corresponding to the research costs of your speaker)
  • An hourly rate adapted to your childcare needs (night, day, for two families, etc.)

When your worker has to use their personal vehicle to accompany your children, you will be billed an additional kilometer allowance.

If the service covers mealtime, it is provided to the caregiver by the family or compensated by an allowance (ACOSS package) which will also be billed to you


With Biotyful BB you reduce your budget thanks to two aids:

CAF aid until your child turns 6! (aid of up to € 859.83 depending on your resources).

To do this, do not hesitate to consult the CAFwebsite concerning the Free Choice of Child Care Supplement.

Concrete examples:

Taking into account the diversity of family situations, budgets, and aid which vary and quite simply because each case is a particular case, we preferred to illustrate this part for you with concrete examples rather than with complicated price lists

Family of Sophie, 34 years old, Pacsée, executive

Mission: pick up 7-year-old Tom and 2-year-old Lisa from school and nursery at 4.30 p.m. and keep them until mom returns at 7 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. This represents a 10h / week contract..

The school-nursery-home trip represents a distance of 4km, so the nanny does 16km per week with the children.

Given her income and the age of her daughter Lisa, Sophie receives CAF assistance of € 622.62 incl. Tax per month.

The cost of care will be calculated as follows:

€ 24 x 40h / month + 64km x € 0.90 = 960 + 57.60 = € 1,017.60 incl.

€ 1,017.60 – € 622.62 (CAF) = € 394.98 incl.

With the 50% tax credit, the actual cost price for Sophie is € 197.49 including tax per month

Family of Pierre, 42 years old, married, employee

Mission: give private lessons to support his daughter Chloé 6th level in mathematics 1h30 per week or 6h per month..

6 x € 38 = € 228

With the 50% tax credit,the real cost price for Pierre is € 114 including tax per month.

Family of Stéphanie, 27 years old, as a couple, employee & Elodie's family, 30 years old, single, business manager

Stéphanie is the mother of Liam 2 years old, Elodie of Nina 9 years old and Théo 5 years old

Mission: look after the children at Stéphanie’s home on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or 40 hours per month.

Meals for the worker will be provided by the families.

40h x €16 = € 640 per family per month

In view of her income, Stéphanie’s actual cost price will correspond to the mandatory 15% remaining payable by the customer, i.e. € 96 including tax per month.

In view of her income, Elodie will receive aid of € 311.31 incl. Tax per month.

640 – 311.31 = € 328.69 including tax to which we add the 50% tax credit, i.e. a real cost price for Elodie of € 164.30 including tax per month