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Tailor-made services

Your Biotyful BB agency, (approved by the State), offers you tailor-made services and operates under the conditions of the home service provider mode dedicated to children! It adapts to all your needs!

SOS Telework

School / Crèche exit

Shared custody

Staggered schedules

Wednesday, weekend & holidays

Child care at home

Each family has specific needs for the care of their children, Biotyful BB adapts to the different levels:

The age of your children : from birth to 12 years old, Biotyful BB provides you with people with suitable qualifications.

The duration of custody : Whether for a year, for a month, for an evening, full-time, part-time, on atypical schedules …

Childcare : Single custody, shared custody, occasional custody, Wednesdays, weekends, holidays, in the event of illness or unforeseen events …

Travel : Accompaniment on the way to school, to the crèche (in the morning, in the evening, on the meridian break); support for extra-curricular activities …

The daily activities : Outings, bottles / meals, games and activities, changes / baths …

School support

Thanks to our home lessons, your children benefit from a personalized and adapted teaching approach from primary to college in all disciplines.

Our speakers will be recruited according to their skills in the various disciplinary fields and will hold at least a bac for elementary school students and a bac + 2 for college students. They will provide the necessary assistance to your children and will do everything to give them a real boost in their schooling and to restore their self-confidence!


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  • Work for ecology
  • Car seat included in the services
  • Mission insurance included
  • Responsive digital exchanges
  • Tailor-made and adapted quote
  • Proximity and communication